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Meghan's Tedx Debut!

Title: Avoid Gifted Burnout
and Thrive at Work

#Giftedkidburnout has over 370 million views on social media. But what happens when gifted kids become gifted adults? Gifted adults with “rainforest minds” are sensitive, intense, complex, idealistic, creative, passionate, empathetic, and have a strong sense of fairness.  While these traits are strengths to celebrate, they can also lead to burnout if their unique needs are not met. Meghan shares an idea about how these neurodivergent adults can thrive and leverage their strengths at work while also offering a message that may be most critical for gifted adults who feel exhausted: they are not alone.  

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Neurodiversity Workshops for Organizations


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Meghan Bonde’s contribution to TEDxWoodinville 2023 was phenomenal. Her talk wasn’t just helpful but a total game-changer.  It was like this perfect mix of a wake-up call and a comforting chat with a friend. She empathized, sharing stories and insights.  She left Gifted adults all feeling a little more understood and a lot more equipped to handle the challenges of being in a world that might not be as supported as they need.

Tanja Diamond

2x TEDx speaker and TEDx Woodinville 2023 Organizer


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