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Title: How Gifted Adults Can Avoid Burnout and Thrive at Work

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Neurodiversity Workshops for Organizations


"Yes, I thought ‘gifted’ was a gift, but Meghan’s ‘gifted’ journey shows how even ‘gifts’ have a price. Many fail to see the gift, only the by-products of the “rainforest brain” - ripe for deforestation? Not so fast. Meghan lights up the dark spots of where highly functioning people are un-welcomed... when their contributions could move us to the next level. It took testing, research and a supportive family to uncover the true gifts in the rainforest of her mind. Her mission is to now enlighten others to better understand the frequencies that guide the growth of their own rainforest minds so they might  harvest the true gifts they hold. Meghan has been a joy to work with on this speaker journey, always mindful and supportive."

Jacqui Chandler

Executive Director,


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