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Growing Exceptional Leaders

We are on a mission to ensure Neurodivergent leaders grow and thrive at work.

We support leaders to design inclusive and transformational learning and development experiences using universal design for learning practices to accelerate growth for all.

What does Neurodivergent mean?

Neurodivergent people perceive the world and behave in a way that is different than what society considers typical or the norm.  Their differences may be invisible and subtle, but significant.  They are marginalized and face discrimination and barriers to full inclusion in our communities.
*Note: Image is not a comprehensive list of over 300 neurodivergent identities.


  • If someone is not thriving or reaching their potential, focusing on changing the environment to be more inclusive has the greatest impact.

  • When designing systems and learning opportunities, we design to the edges, with Neurodivergent people in mind. 

  • Neurodivergent people can grow, just like anyone, but they are not responsible for changing themselves or masking to fit in or make others comfortable.  

  • Center Neurodivergent voices to create communities in which they thrive.  

Core Values

Courage: Taking risks without knowing the outcome creates opportunities for growth. Showing up and letting yourself be seen, despite the risk is strong and leads to connection.

Compassion: empathy + action (Elena Aguilar)

Joy: Doing what we enjoy shows that we reject the idea that productivity is connected to our value as a human and and the positive energy spreads.

Dignity: Everyone has the same inherent worth and value and deserves a life filled with meaning, joy, and connection.

Creativity: We think outside the box when we solve problems; we reject the status quo and create something new.


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