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Executive and Leadership Coaching for Inclusion

Everyone can be a leader, whether or not they have a certain title or positional power in an organization.  Participate in transformational coaching that will positively impact your organization to create an inclusive climate and culture, catapult you closer to your organizational vision for making a difference in the world for all people, and add meaning to your life.

Parent Coaching

Parenting is incredibly challenging and times have changed since we were kids.  Get a thought partner to reflect on your values, approach, and navigate decisions to increase connection and decrease the struggle.  Coaching can also support navigating educational challenges such as IEP's, 504's, ALP's, discipline, bullying, work completion, and more!

Neurodivergent Career and Life Coaching

Coaching available for the following topics: anxiety, emotional regulation, relationships, time management, organization, decision making, schoolwork, job/career transitions, and more. Learn strategies that can be implemented the next day for school, work, home, and/or the community!  

Organizational Inclusion Trainings 

Retain employees and reach your organizational goals faster by creating a positive culture that celebrates neurodiversity.  We offer engaging, interactive learning grounded in the principles of adult learning.

Consultation for IEP, 504, ALP, and other educational systems

Navigating educational systems can be complicated to best get your child's needs met at school.  If they are struggling with academics, behavior, or social emotional competencies, partnering with school staff to implement an effective plan can be a powerful tool to get your child the support they need.

Self Awareness Course

People who identify as Neurodivergent have the right to understand their brain.  Instruction will increase understanding of their strengths and challenges to lead to transformational discoveries that decrease anxiety and depression and increase connection, self worth, and peace.

Social Emotional Competency Instruction

Utilizing engaging instructional strategies along with instructional frameworks and tools such as Social Thinking, Zones of Regulation, Trauma Informed Practices, Starving the Anxiety Gremlin, and CASEL's social emotional learning competencies, students will increase their understanding and skills for engaging in the complex social world and navigating their emotions and relationships. Virtual or in person available.

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